Happy 2022! Time to Face It!

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It’s always a consideration: will we evolve as a species, or devolve into bickering and pettiness. Given the behavior of some of the individuals in the news, it’s pretty obvious who most people we know would want to spend time … Continued

Republicans (yet again) Take False Credit

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They repeatedly stand and endorse the benefits of Bill they ALL voted against! While the select committee investigating the January 6, 2021 attack on the US Capitol Building uncovers more and more Trump/Meadows/Jordan/Gaetz malfeasance and efforts to subdue the will … Continued

Debt Is Designed To Trap Us!

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Like a job, debt is basically working for someone else, by making them money you should keep and invest! House, car, college, cards, it doesn’t matter. All debt is first designed to make creditors money, but there’s more. Debt is … Continued

After Rittenhouse Cleared, Two McMichaels and Friend Found Guilty!

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Jury deliberations from two different states yielded widely different results between last week and this. Last week, a jury in Wisconsin found Kyle Rittenhouse not guilty on all counts. The young man is the seventeen year old slayer of two … Continued