Governor Abrams? Over My Dead Body! Perdue Talks Zombie.

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Rupert Murdoch or David Purdue… Not much difference in our view. They want ALL the cookies. That’s why, like Trump, they lie & lie & lie. (Irony? Rupert is THE foreigner. He’s an Aussie!)

With a personal fortune of nearly a billion dollars, David Purdue is so worried about the little people in Georgia being exploited by lefties who want their money, the man sees Stacy Abrams as the most dangerous threat he has ever faced. A threat so horrid, he would rather die than live under such anti-people tyranny. In other words, or translated into reality, how dare a pro-citizen African American WOMAN show pro-people leadership and try to interfere with my profiteering off the common man?

Patriotism, a dubious concept to begin with, is now being exploited by individuals who side with Putin over our own nation. Those who scream it loudest have consistently been attempting to turn us from the democratic nation we have been striving to be since our inception. A true patriot embraces what we are and strives to improve our habits. Now, so-called patriots are attempting to introduce fascism, a contradiction we rejected for over 75 years. It is clear those who have jumped on the bandwagon of the MAGA lies, and are now advocating violence against fellow Americans who have done them no wrong, are among the least educated and most ignorant of our citizenry. This means, barring a miracle, these individuals can only usher in a weak and feckless leader. Their favorite choice left our economy tanking, 500,000 dead and more dying while he played golf, and a pandemic which is now about to enter year three. If people did not die from covid-19, there are some who died from drinking bleach at his suggestion.

In their bid to paint the left as the enemy, these MAGA types are insisting a virus is freedom, but protecting each other is anti-liberty. Mandates designed to keep each other safe are anti-freedom, but full hospitals, rapid spread through schools, and increasing sickness and death levels are the height of liberty. A spreading virus is NOT freedom, and suggestions that protecting each other is anti-freedom are borderline if not wholly psychotic.

We have seen the results of red state leadership during the pandemic, but even before this red states have been a consistent drain on our economy. They invariably have higher rates of poverty, poorer mental and physical health, and perhaps worst of all, have engineered their legislatures so republicans literally are locked in office, meaning there is no immediate remedy for their glaring incompetence. Meanwhile, business friendly governors allowed a virus to shut down multiple businesses, all while their citizens already apply for higher rates of SNAP, SSI, Medicaid, Unemployment and so on. The conservative bloc used to be against this type of handout, but under red state rule, we seem to be using them more than ever.

You see, the rich don’t really care about that, as long as they keep their money and use it to ensure they get to keep it. If they really did, they would not support their own tax breaks. But they just can’t get enough of them, and we, the people, end up paying for them.

Justin Pemberton on Twitter: "“Careful mate that foreigner wants your cookie”  - narrative of the #Murdoch media empire" / Twitter
There’s a reason why the rich want the masses hating each other! So they work at making it happen!

So the Purdue and Murdoch types are engineering endless propaganda to get us to vote for their friends, rather than true leaders and pro-people individuals who just want to see the cookies shared fairly. Our money makes the rich rich. They should not then be able to disenfranchise voters to keep power with impunity, yet without full citizen activism, there is little to be done to stop them!

As for the image here, deep down we all know this is true. And that is the point. The haters and exploiters are the enemy, not the people just like us, who want to live and have productive lives, just like we do. Purdue is worried he’ll lose two of his ten million cookies. Funny how he seems to view his life with such disdain! Apparently having to share what he gained from others already is making him suicidal!

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