Happy 2022! Time to Face It!

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2021 out like a tornado. 2022 in like a hurricane?

It’s always a consideration: will we evolve as a species, or devolve into bickering and pettiness. Given the behavior of some of the individuals in the news, it’s pretty obvious who most people we know would want to spend time with, or trust to care about a future for all. They are generally the same types.

I’m never going to ask you to believe me, or any information on this or ANY website or media publication of any kind, without proper research as you require. However, we will never deliberately lie to you or state a verifiable untruth. If you catch us in an error, please consider it as such and inform us. We will research it and correct it as required.

Let’s start with the biggest lie of 2020, 2021, and 2022. Joe Biden stole an election with massive voter fraud, illegitimate ballots and an army of cheating voters.

Facts: No credible authority has verified more than a few incidents of voter fraud, and no mass incidents of cheating in any way. The “fraudit” or “forensic audit” in Arizona found MORE votes for Biden, not fewer. When NBC News reporter Jacob Soboroff questioned a Trump supporter about evidence for his claims of election fraud, on election night 2020, he refused to provide evidence to back up his claims.

Further, the Republican National Committee and it’s considerable legal firepower were never once used as the primary litigants in suits across state after state claiming incidents of election fraud. Instead, and this is mentioned elsewhere on this site, they relied on Sydney Powell, Rudy Giuliani, and a cast of characters who have all landed themselves in deep legal trouble and intense scrutiny for a barrage of lies, false claims, and even claims with promised evidence that was either more lies, or never manifested as real.

Had the efforts to use evidence to overturn the election been based on real evidence, would Trump have used his supporters to raid the Capitol and attempt to derail the certification process? And does anyone believe that his own appointed judges would have thrown out legitimate claims of election fraud? Not a chance, nor would even liberal or moderate judges, who would only face deep legal blow back.

The stolen election is a lie. American voters have never been cheaters and, unlike the republican state legislatures attempting to steal elections and disenfranchise voters, the American voter takes this obligation seriously. The civilian and professional election managers also take this obligation seriously, because there is legality to be considered, but more because it’s the right thing to do.

If there was real fraud, wouldn’t these state legislatures show real evidence, instead of changing laws in the face of no evidence at all? This really isn’t that hard to see, but still the will of the average voter is perpetually being undermined by a national minority party. In addition, the behavior of some of their members of congress can only be described as anything other than adult.

Attention Seeker? Drama artiste? Kyrsten Sinema always seems to need attention.

As for Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, do they really believe that not supporting a filibuster change to protect voting rights can end well for them? Sinema gives the impression she must be the center of attention, because she shows no skills or knowledge to demonstrate a deep tie to any Senate traditions. She also seems too caught up in fundraising and self-promotion to be taken seriously as a legislator. Perhaps a career change to Hollywood would be more to her liking.

Manchin perpetually blows smoke and wrecks things, but his respect for Senate rules is

Joe Manchin, overburdened with obstructionism.

as loose as his dedication to anyone but his donors. His constituents are being held hostage because he thinks investing half the defense budget per year in this country, to fix an infrastructure that was considered a D ten years ago, is too expensive. Who’s paying him to think this way? His rich donors. But let’s look a little further down the road. Republicans in West Virginia successfully change the laws to make it harder for democrats and the non-white constituency to vote. Does Joe Manchin really think he can win his seat back when all republicans in his state have to do is say no? This is what’s personally at stake for him if he does not allow a filibuster change. I cannot feel bad for the wealthy having to pay a bit more, nor does a majority of Americans. Maybe these two will keep their seats if they can muster up a touch of courage.

So that’s the left, but what about the right? While democrats passed two stimulus bills with NO, ZERO, not a touch of republican support, has your own republican congressman or senator talked about how they were glad they could deliver for you? Or how these funds would really benefit you and they are so pleased? Or some such massive lying bull puckey? They all voted against it. Every. Single. One. This is because they are following Moscow Mitch right down the streets of that famed city directly and into the Kremlin, where divisiveness and the slow-cooking of The United States of America is Putin’s great big kissy dream. Happily, Moscow Mitch has been sucked in like a vacuum grabs a linty peanut. Because “unity” is the new hallmark of the republicans, their pied piper has sucked their souls out and has them marching on before them. Their own common sense, their own understanding of the reality we all live in has been dismissed, and doing what Putin wants most has become their driving force. What a crying shame.

I think, on this eve of the attacks on the Capitol Building last year, we need to take an honest assessment of what we really want as a country, because the choices are so stark, I do not believe it is a difficult decision set.

-0- Are we going to allow liars and lies to drive violence against our innocent citizens?

-0- Are we going to allow political violence to be the arbiter of our civil disagreements? An issue which could lead to horrible results in communities, schools, at sporting events…

-0- Are we going to embrace the spread of deadly viruses as freedom, but efforts to control them and protect each other as anti-freedom? Or, are we okay if the wanton spread of death is labeled the equivalent of freedom?

-0- Are we going to continue to let the rich and super rich exploit workers and customers alike, where they keep as much as possible, force us to pay their tax share, pay for the societal improvements they depend on, such as buildings and stadiums and shipping and trucking infrastructure, to name a few small things, then pay for the infrastructure improvements we require to “compete” in this quarter-old 21st century? Aren’t the rich going to be forced to pay for anything? I don’t know about you, but most people think they should.

-0- Are we about to declare this coming decade the decade of MEEE? (See the above four choices). It seems this is the new movement.

-0- Are republicans really going to embrace fascism, a la Putin or Hitler? And importantly, Are the rest of us just going to let them?

-0- Are we going to allow uneducated bullies to openly harass community members who just want to keep everyone safe, or are we going to prosecute these bullies just as we always have done?

It’s important to decide now, because embracing a future where lies and violence are normalized can only lead to hell and heartache for all, even the would-be fascists who love the idea of a permanent bully state.

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