Republicans (yet again) Take False Credit

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Listening to only one side opens us up to manipulation. Pay attention to everyone and support the worthy!

They repeatedly stand and endorse the benefits of Bill they ALL voted against!

While the select committee investigating the January 6, 2021 attack on the US Capitol Building uncovers more and more Trump/Meadows/Jordan/Gaetz malfeasance and efforts to subdue the will of a vast majority of American voters, money is talking loud on the other side. While virtually every effort to paint American voters as cheaters, or talk of corruption and a stolen election circulate loudly through the right, they belong in a cesspool of lies. This same level of wanton and widely accepted dishonesty once again has translated to multiple republicans taking credit for delivering relief funds to their constituents, when ZERO as in NONE of them cast a vote for the very bills delivering those funds.

In fact, this is at least the second time this has occurred. Early this year, close to the start of the Biden Administration…yes, the BIDEN Administration, Democrats used reconciliation to deliver what was then dubbed the American Rescue Package. It was then these same and other republicans began taking credit for a popular bill, with popular support from wide masses of voters, after only casting votes AGAINST it.

How do we know if your representative either voted for or against a package designed to help the middle class, rather than hand the super rich another diaper full of cash? Every republican voted against this bill. Every democrat voted for it. In 2017, as Moscow Mitch was crafting yet another massive tax break for the rich, while Kentucky’s economy sat in a bowl of goo, the tax break he was crafting had widespread disdain, yet he passed it anyway. When it came to the Supreme Court, he ensured a majority designed to put women firmly back in their place. To help this along, he and his fledgling republican majority approved judicial nominations all over the federal bench of unqualified, often ethically compromised judicial appointees. They had wild success with this admitted and even prideful effort to skew the courts to the far right.

Make no mistake here. While democrats have passed a few bills designed to help the regular masses in our country, they have been far too lax over time in crafting a nation which truly supports the middle class and the worker base of our nation. Moscow Mitch beat them in crafting a far right court. The super rich have engineered an economy so skewed towards wealth accumulation and especially retainment, employees in many industries scrape to get by. Students graduate with enormous debt. Houses are overpriced for area wages in many places, and you likely pay a larger percent of your income in taxes than your CEO. The corporation Jane and Jim work for may be paying no taxes at all, while their average employee struggles to have a life and build a future.

So if your representative wants to pretend they care about you, when they voted against a bill designed to help you, that’s their lie. Find out WHAT they are doing. Don’t just listen to what they say, or to any skewed “news source” which allows you to be lied to, or worse, does it deliberately. How do you know who really cares about your well-being? Find out who has a history of fighting for what you want to see. Also, explain to your friends that this is easy and a simple vote record search can be done on any lawmaker, present or former.

The lies about a stolen election, about massive voter fraud, about hatred of others and the need for war, about trickle down economics, which has led to mass poverty, and now about support for a bill one voted against keep growing and progressing, like a worm through our democracy. And that IS the point. The question is, do we support the liars and hope lies will lead to truths? (They won’t except through contrast). Or do we find the truth and embrace public servants who work for it, and therefore for us?

To me and those I work with, learn from, and care about, this is not a difficult choice.

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