While I don’t practice enmity, protecting our planet seems to have unleashed an amazing amount of it, often against the very individuals who are doing their best to protect our planet for everyone, often for little pay and even less reward. When you hear about green advocates and how you should follow the money to see where they’re trying to make it, remember the petroleum industry has made trillions off the blood, sweat and tears of our entire planet.

The Weather Channel

Well known for exceptional by-the-minute storm coverage, TWC’s commitment to educating the viewing public on climate change and its dramatic, often catastrophic effects is second to none. With graphics and live maps constantly in use. TWC educates the public so well, they have turned normal people into observant and talented amateur meteorologists.


The United States Department of Defense has been warning us for decades. Aside from their repeated statements regarding climate change as being the greatest long-term threat to world security, they also rightly point out that failure to prepare and prevent ongoing and worsening events related to climate change makes us vulnerable in unique ways, beginning with an influx of climate migrants. (See Southern Border and why it is REALLY happening).


Associated at times with “desperate” acts to “stunt” for publicity, one must ask why organizations who work to protect our only home receive disdain when no one looks at a strip mine hundreds of times the size of a football stadium and sees an equal amount of disrespectable behavior. We know at TCF people are worried about increased costs. But the increased cost of ongoing pollution and climate change are life-taking across the globe. This should be the drama people scoff at!

This list is incomplete, of course. Check back for more.