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Wednesday 6/5/2019

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1. Migrant children, waiting to be reunited with family, were held in vans for over a day. Immigration officials are confiscating prescribed medications from refugees with chronic medical conditions. Children continue to suffer and die under this Trumpian system of justice for immigrants and refugees.

Story on Yahoo News

2. Tens of thousands protest Trump’s visit to London. Protests Included a projected cap from the USS John S. McCain (which is also a dead ringer for a maga hat), the notorious big baby balloon, signs against hate, anti-fascist banners, and in support of women’s rights. Despite Trumpian fake news, streets were filled. In yet another confused and lie-filled denial, Trump indicated the notion of protests was fake news and that he only heard cheers.

Once again, in defiance of his position as the most powerful man in the world, Trump lowered himself to continue his feud with London’s Mayor, going so far as to call Sadiq Khan a negative force. We note here the incredible hypocrisy of this statement. Donald Trump is the most destructive and negative force we have ever seen in American politics.

3. Republicans in Congress have publicly stated they will move to block Trump’s proposed tariffs on Mexico. Numerous fiscal publications have come out against them, over fears of recession if they are implemented and remain in place long enough. One way or another, Trump thinks he’s going to get Mexico to pay for a “wall.” We suggest they build the wall on Mexico’s southern border, which is only about 200 miles wide instead of 2000!

4. China and Russia move together to block United Nations action, to protect the civilians of Sudan.

Story on Al Jazeera.

5. At present, our number one ally in the Middle East is Qatar. Our single largest military base is housed there, including over 10,000 (ten-thousand). While Trump and Kushner engineer a strange anti-Qatar pro-Saudi relationship. Most Americans should remember, from the very recent past, we used to be allies with both countries.

Story on Al Jazeera

Qatar’s Strange Anniversary

6. Hope Hicks and Annie Donaldson have become the latest individuals to ignore House of Representative subpoenas. It is hard to believe there is not actually an ongoing cover-up, considering one interview with the person who can clear Donald Trump, can never seem to happen. Clearly, if he’s actually innocent of everything, that should be anyone who’s worked for him. Even so, they will not let anyone testify. This follows a string of Trump’s complaints that Mueller should not testify, even though he cleared him. (Which of course, he did not.)

Your job for today: Contact Republicans and tell them to stop lying to you in defense of this President and his crimes. explain to them also, that you know the Mueller report does not state what they say it does. Contact the Democrats and tell them you support impeachment hearings. Because we need to know the truth, no matter how painful it may be. At this point, we also need to know if this President is suffering dementia. Just on casual examination, it seems pretty clear he is.

We skipped yesterday to give everyone a break. With Trump in England, it’s a hair quieter in the USA.

Thanks for reading!

Dave Cleinman

TCF Director

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