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It’s now cheaper to build wind farms than maintain coal plants. I can smell the clean air already!

The pristine Adirondacks

Article on CBS News

The image above was taken by my cousin in May. The Adirondacks have been plagued for decades by acid rain, which falls as regular rain that’s been primed with sooty output from coal-fired industrial plants and power plants across  Western New York and the Midwest. This output is carried by the wind, generally heading west, where it mixes with rain clouds as they develop. Of course The Adirondacks  are not the only victim of this phenomena. But they are near and dear to my heart, being my playground most of my life.

Acid rain kills nearly whatever it touches. Over time it damages lakes and streams, kills wildlife, and destroys forestry. Our country has been working on green energy conversion for a long time, and the situation is not quite as bad as it was. This technology allows us to make sure poisoned air never comes back.

Breathe deep! DAC

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