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Monday 6/3/19

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1. Louisiana House Lawmakers Reject Effort To Set State Minimum Marriage Age  Huffpost

We need to know why state legislatures in some states seem to have psychotic hatred for young girls. These children are supposed to carry rapists’ babies to term, and then allow them visitation rights! Perhaps this law is being kept in place so legislators can force victims to marry rapists. Rapists are criminals. So are these legislators. Vote them out!

2. Trump in England while calls for impeachment grow.

We believe hearings should begin, but no one needs dive into any impeachment lake, yet. Because Bill Barr preceded the release of the Mueller Report with a false narrative, and has continued to foist it on the American people, the truth needs to balance the equation. That can only be done slowly, through hearings where the truth is exposed.

Our view is clear. This president is illegitimate. Russia helped him get elected, and therefore he does not belong in the White House. We simply cannot have a president who is reliant on Russia to help him! That seems like a slight conflict of interest. One that compromises our entire nation.

3. News reports about Iran have fallen silent.

Troop numbers heading for Iran have changed. It was 120,000. Then it became 10,000. Then it became 1,200, last I heard it was 1,500. Suddenly there is silence. We are very concerned that no one is really running this administration, at this point. Given the tinder box that is Iran, and the Middle East, someone with knowledge and exceptional diplomatic skills needs to be in charge. This will not be found in this administration. The risk of accidental war is growing and this silence seems deadly to us.

4. Jared Kushner Lies

Kushner referred to Jamal khashoggi as a terrorist disguised as a journalist. This in an effort to cuddle up to his very good friend, the murderous crown prince of Saudi Arabia. Not too long ago Jared Kushner suggested that the investigation into Russia’s interference in our elections, was doing more damage than Russia actually did. He must be happy.

Between the election and the transition period, this is also the man who tried to set up a back channel to Russia through the Russian embassy.

Jared Kushner is not loyal to the United States of America. Donald Trump sides with Russia over our intelligence agencies. John Bolton is trying to start multiple wars at the same time, as always.

This is the first time in my lifetime that a presidential administration is not actually loyal to our own country. Somehow, his supporters think he’s a patriot. He’s a national security risk, and so is Kushner, and so is the National Security advisor, John Bolton. None of these men can be called patriots. Once again, we’re calling for an intervention.

5. Here is the Mueller report. We are concerned that because of its length, how busy people are, and how much legalese is contained within, most people will not read it. We recommend you read the summaries at the end of each section. Read page 10. Then read the rest. Limit yourself to 40-50 pages a day if needed.

The Mueller Report (npr)The Full Mueller Report

Enjoy youre week!

Contact your reps and sens. Tell them to tell the truth and support hearings! Remember to explain you will not support someone who’s lied to you. On the Right at this time, that is all but one Republican incumbent.

Dave Cleinman
TCF Director

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