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Thursday 5/30/19
Mueller Report Clarification Issue

After Mueller’s statements yesterday, we feel some slight clarification may be useful. We also maintain that there should be active investigation into collusion, since it is materially relevant. More about this is explained below.

In listening to Mueller’s brief words, we concluded that there was utterly no difference between the actual Report and yesterday’s statement. What interfered with the smooth transition of knowledge, were the untrue statements uttered by Attorney General Bill Barr, on top of a misleading four page letter (summary) to Congress. Had two months of Barr’s lies and misdirection not occurred, we would not have wasted said time in a useless search for already established facts.

In a (large) nutshell.

1. In 2015, Donald Trump began non-stop requests for information and accepted it from WikiLeaks. Over the next several months, public displays of information received from WikiLeaks were a frequent occurrence at Trump rallies, along with Trump’s vocal praise for the organization. These papers were stolen emails from Democrat committees and personnel, hacked from DNC servers by Russian actors and/or WikiLeaks. WikiLeaks then distributed these documents to correspond to various events. A notable example is the release of material damaging to Hillary Clinton, just hours after the Access Hollywood tape came out (On which Trump is clearly heard speaking about the privileges of being a star, where he can grab young women by the pussy!)

2. While WikiLeaks was strategically releasing stolen emails and documents, two Russian agencies were coordinating massive social media campaigns. These efforts were highly successful at targeting audiences and spreading false and misleading information among them. These stories, memes, messages, advertisements and fake groups amounted to views and participation of an estimated 129 million Americans.

Donald Trump gained the presidency with approximately 70,000 votes, which gave him the electoral college wins in three states, but he lost the popular vote by 2.8 Million votes. Statistics demonstrate that exposure to this targeted and fake information did swing the election in Trump’s favor.

3. After the DNC reported the hack to the FBI, the organization began an in depth investigation. This investigation eventually merged with the special counsel’s, at a later date. We will explore the findings below. While the FBI continued to investigate, the 2016 election cycle concluded with Trump as (surprised and dubious) victor.

During the transition and early Presidency, a number of red flags were waving. On May 9 of 2017, Trump fired James Comey for poorly defined reasons. This and other red flags, such as the hiring of Michael Flynn against recommendation and efforts to stop the ongoing investigation into his contacts with Russia, led Rod Rosenstein to appoint Robert S. Mueller III as Special Counsel. For almost two years, Mueller investigated Russian actions against the USA and the involvement of Trump campaign and transition officials.

4. Mueller’s Report is released to Bill Barr, newly appointed Attorney General. Barr releases a four page summary which inaccurately compromises Mueller’s essential findings. Within days, Mueller sends Barr a “snitty letter” which states that Barr’s summary to Congress “did not fully capture the context, nature, and substance” of the investigation.

In Barr’s hands, the report dies a slow death. Barr immediately demonstrates deceit and his behaviors reek of an anti-citizen bias towards presidential power. He refuses to release the summaries Mueller wrote specifically for release to the public. Barr then claims a need to redact the report prior to release. Speculation about the report dies down during the redaction process. A release date is announced by Barr, approximately three weeks after the original receipt of the document.

The morning of the scheduled release of the report, Barr gives a press conference where he again misrepresents both Mueller’s findings and his interpretation of those findings. Even with his attempts to spin the essence of the report, objective readers discover multiple misdeeds by Trump and nearly every individual of any political rank around him.

5. “There were multiple, systematic efforts to interfere in our election.” -R. Mueller

Section one of the report speaks of Russia’s use of advertising, fake social media groups and accounts, bots, trolls and automated software to spread vast amounts of misinformation designed to harm Hillary Clinton or to support Trump.
Voting systems were scanned, if not altered. Fake groups recruited large member counts, then exposed members to pro-Trump or anti-Clinton propaganda. Blacks were turned off to Clinton and encouraged to stay home, as one a serious example of their efforts.

Along with the discovery of millions of pieces of propaganda from Russia, multiple contacts between Trump people and Russia were also discovered. 216 of them is the most recent number we have found.

Mueller stated on page ten of his report that collusion was not a legal term, and so was not considered when making a judgement. His team focused on the legal concept of conspiracy. The Mueller Report stated that their team was unable to identify a clear conspiracy, due to the lack of written contractual agreements. The report goes on to state, that much available evidence was either hidden, destroyed, shared on apps that would delete it after a certain amount of time, or rested with non-cooperative individuals.

Note: If you have read any of our writings on the site, you may have noticed that one of our primary beliefs is that collusion happened to such a great extent, that we think conspiracy is implied and could be legally argued as such.

6. Part II details numerous efforts of Donald Trump to obstruct justice. These include firing Comey, asking officials to lie for him before Congress, or instructing them to do so. He Asked Don McGahn to fire Mueller, then to lie about it. He instructed Michael Cohen to act on his behalf, then to lie to Congress. Cohen is now in jail, partly for lying to congress on Trump’s behalf.

Post report, Trump has been claiming total exoneration, no collusion, no obstruction, and a witch hunt! almost as if he’s memorized those phrases. The truth in the Mueller report is completely contrary to those positions.

Mueller found incredible amounts of collusion but did not call it that. He found numerous instances of obstruction of justice, which are backed up by over a thousand Federal prosecutors and attorneys who believe that this President could be impeached and convicted for obstruction of justice, and have so stated in a letter released to the public.

The primary conclusions we take from the report, leaving aside the long-term criminal behaviors of Trump, is that Donald Trump is a criminal in the White House and the largest single national security risk to the country. Our list of indictments:

1. Complete knowledge of Russian efforts to skew the 2016 election in his favor and a welcoming and encouragement of such efforts.

2. Siding with foreign adversaries over our own intelligence agencies and sharing classified information with them.

3. Multiple lies in his own defense, resulting in obstruction of justice on multiple occasions. This is ongoing on nearly a daily basis.

4. In excess of 10,000 lies to the American public. We believe this is impeachable simply for the sheer number and breadth of the lies.

5. Refusal to even acknowledge Russia’s attacks, and using his office to undermine our institutions. This undermines the ability of those agencies to protect the nation. Deliberately weakening the security of the nation, should not only be impeachable, but rectifiable by immediate removal from office. The country should always come first.

6. Encouraging or commanding personnel to ignore Congressional subpoenas, or any request of data whatsoever. This is obstruction of justice happening right before our eyes.

7. Dismissal or reassignment of numerous personnel in a further effort to derail the investigation or to obstruct Justice.

The Mueller report indicates a legacy of horrid presidential behavior, and bad actions by many of those supporting him, as well as multiple counts of obstruction of justice. We believe there was criminal conspiracy with Russia to benefit Trump. We Believe obstruction of justice is a serious crime, and we’ll explain it this way.

If someone you loved was murdered, how would you feel about the murderer’s friends trying to stop the investigation? Even more, what if they were successful and the investigation just went away? To find the truth, investigations must be objective. Hence, interfering with them, must by nature be criminal. When it comes to protecting this country against a foreign adversary, it is completely disingenuous to call anything a witch hunt.

The next time someone says to you Mueller could not find evidence of a crime, tell them that is right wing spin, not truth.

Why Mueller did not make any prosecutorial decisions, he sums up as follows:

Statement given 5/29/19 ” …under a long-standing department of Justice policy, a sitting president cannot be charged with a federal crime while he is in office. This is unconstitutional. Even if the charges are kept under seal and hidden from public view, that too is illegal.

“Second, the opinion states that the Constitution requires a process other than the criminal justice system to formally accuse a sitting president of wrongdoing.”

Mueller is saying that Congress is the only proper recourse here, since they are an equal branch of government, but the DOJ is the underling of the president being investigated.

In his report, Mueller states that since he cannot bring a criminal indictment against the sitting president, due to standing Department of Justice policy as outlined above, he felt it was also not fair to bring any level of accusation. He felt it was unethical to do this to the president, when he cannot bring a formal indictment, because the president would not have the opportunity to defend himself in court the way an individual under indictment would.

However, he also stated that if he and his team had confidence the president clearly did not commit a crime, they would have said so.

We fairly interpret his words as meaning, basically: Donald Trump and co-conspirators committed chargeable crimes. Only Congress has the power and authority to hold the president of the USA accountable. Russia attacked us and this should be the most prominent take away from the investigation. All of these issues are serious and must be dealt with forthwith.

Mueller’s closing warning: “…And I will close by reiterating the central allegation of our indictments: That there were multiple, systematic efforts to interfere in our election, and that allegation deserves the attention of every American.”

Stop lying, republicans. This used to be your country, too.

Congress, the ball is in your hands. Time to take the do or die shot! Begin impeachment hearings; educate the people; protect your country!

We know Mueller intended this, because of this statement in the report:

“Congress has the authority to prohibit a president’s corrupt use of his authority in order to protect the integrity of the administration of justice.”

We agree. Contact your representatives local, state and federal and your US Senator and demand they support impeachment inquiries.

See yesterday’s brief for a rundown of impeachable actions by Trump and others around him.

May Thursday bring you peace and happiness. Action to protect our country will help with that!

Dave Cleinman
Director TCF

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