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Impeachment Edition
Wednesday 5/29/2019

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We encourage all readers to contact your legislators and demand the truth. This means impeachment hearings must begin. Be sure to explain to them that we know someone is not telling the truth, and when we figure it out, there will be consequences.

Our rundown of impeachable individuals and their offenses.

1. Attorney General William Barr – Bill Barr has lied to the public on multiple occasions, to Congress at least twice, and has misrepresented material information related to an investigation into the attack on our country by a foreign adversary. His false, even deliberately misleading summary of the Mueller Report belies a conspiracy. *At the Cleinman Foundation, this is one of our founding principles: if you are in a position of power and you repeatedly lie to the people, that is an impeachable offense.

We can add to that: failure to release summaries of the report Mueller wrote for immediate public release. Ignoring and rejecting Congressional subpoenas. Perpetual attacks on his own agencies, namely a continuation of Trump’s attacks on the FBI.

Bill Barr is clearly part of a cover-up.

2. Steven Mnuchin, USA Secretary of The Treasury. – Failure to follow the law and release requested tax returns. Lying to Congress. Legal malfeasance. Mnuchin is ignoring a lawful request by Richard Neal of the House of Representatives Ways and Means committee. He then justifies this by implying a “legitimate legislative purpose” is required. It is not.

Steven Mnuchin is involved in a cover-up.

3. Mitchell McConnell – Lying to the American public. Illegal backdoor deal with Oleg Deripaska. Misuse of political power. Obstruction of justice.

When McConnell decided to prevent a vote on Merrick Garland, Obama’s well qualified appointment to the Supreme Court, he committed an act of abuse of power. This is my argument for this: Had Scalia died one year into Obama’s term, would McConnell have held that seat open for three years? He has stated as much.

McConnell had been the vocal leader of the party line drivel which claims the Mueller Report exonerated Donald Trump. It did not. McConnell is also guilty of obstruction of justice because of his use of his position to obstruct and derail the investigation(s). It is clear at this juncture that his efforts towards obstruction are partially to protect himself from his own misdeeds.

4. All republicans, perhaps for Justin Amash, deserve public censure for outright lies to the people. Using ever more and larger falsehoods to keep power is a method dictators employ, not democratically elected officials.

5. Donald J. Trump – we are going to list them. There are multiple crimes, as well as a virtual string of nearly endless contacts with Russia.

1. Over 10,000 lies to the citizens of the USA. (Lies to the public*)

2. Attacks on our intelligence agencies in self-defense: employing lies, deliberate misrepresentations of fact, and written slander via thousands of Tweets.

3. Slanderous attacks on US citizens, neither true nor deserved, again frequently via tweet

4. Sharing classified materials with foreign adversaries. (While the President can declassify material, if shared with an enemy, s/he should be held to the same standards as any other citizen). because we’re under attack by Russia, it perhaps could be legally charged that this is an act of treason.

5. Ten plus counts of Obstruction of Justice, some well documented by the Mueller Report, many more since, best demonstrated by his refusal to release records or allow individuals to respond to Congressional subpoenas.

6. Deliberate disregard for the Constitution and its article one powers. See #5

7. Repeated expressions of loyalty to foreign adversaries or governments over our own media and intelligence agencies. This is dangerous and undermines the national security of the country.

8. Disastrous immigration policy which is committing crimes against humanity and resulting in child deaths.

9. Collusion with Russia to gain the Presidency. Mueller did not use the concept of collusion, his focus was on conspiracy. He stated that he was unable to find a written contract, in so many words, and so was unable to conclude conspiracy. We would argue that, after over 200 contacts between Trump and campaign and Russian personnel, conspiracy is implied.

10. Deliberate and orchestrated untruths delivered to staff personnel for distribution to the public. Most virulent of these is the complete lie that the Mueller Report exonerated Trump. In truth, it did the opposite.

11. Vocal support for antisocial groups and actions, in particular white supremacists, anti-immigrant groups, and Saudi genocide in Yemen (which is likely tolerated because of Jared Kushner ties to Saudi Arabia).

12. Crimes committed for which his personal attorney is serving now serving time.

13. Undermining punitive sanctions on Russia, voted for in almost unanimous bipartisan fashion. McConnell shows up here yet again, as he was part of a backdoor deal with Oleg Deripaska.

There will be more reasons and more details coming out, but we believe if any other Americans had this list of crimes and misdeeds, they would be looking through bars for the rest of their lives.

The weak efforts being made to hide the myriad crimes and lies committed by this President and his administration will crumble under any real exposure. Hail to Justin Amash and his courage to stand up and tell the truth. It’s time for any of his colleagues, who wish to retain any semblance of dignity, to follow suit.

This is an ongoing situation. It will be updated.

The best of Wednesdays to you!

Dave Cleinman
Director TCF

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