TCF Daily Brief Friday 5/24/19

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1. May stepping down. After a third attempt and failure to bring a successful Brexit deal to the HOC, UK Prime Minister Theresa May has expressed regret for her inability to bring a successful deal, and has announced her resignation effective next month. After months of observation, and because of Russian influence in their elections, we believe Britain does not really wish to leave the European Union. Rather than holding a recall vote however, they are deciding to push ahead with something that seems less popular everyday. One more observation on the brexit front. Apparently the voters opted for this, but no one seems to be asking them what they want. We believe Brexit is a mistake.

2. Fake News. Trump shares altered video to falsely impugn House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in childish effort to get back at her, regarding her statement that the president requires an intervention. The original video is slowed so it seems Pelosi is drunk and slurring her speech. Similar videos were shared by Lou Dobbs on Fox Business and on Fox “News.” Such childish efforts simply reinforce what the speaker says, when she states she believes the president needs an intervention. It’s no secret that we here at TCF agree with that sentiment. At this point, we believe the family is culpable for taking advantage of this man who is clearly in the throes of dementia. In our round table discussion we all agreed that if one of our parents were acting this way, we would get them help. Some of us have even been through this, and have.

3. Middle East chaos. 120,000 troops to Iran went away, to become 10,000 a few days ago. These forces were to be sent to protect our installations and embassies in the region. Now there is some doubt about these troops going. Either we are being deliberately misled, or no one in the administration really knows what’s going on. The silence coming from the region is disconcerting, especially because there seems to be little competence among administration officials, and the president himself seems to have no plan either for war or peace.

4. Trump’s plans to pardon three military convicts, all accused of war crimes – including murder, disfiguration of dead bodies and more, are generating concerns which Military officials and we at TCF share. If US service members are allowed to get away with such actions, what is to prevent it from becoming accepted practice, not just among our forces, but everywhere? War is not honorable, but it is vital that soldiers and commanders are. In this desired action by the Trump administration, we only see more hatred at work.

5. Julian Assange charged. Concerns about an undermining of the free press are tied to seventeen charges leveled against the founder of WikiLeaks. Some of these charges are tied to efforts, with Chelsea Manning, to obtain classified materials. The rest have to do with distributing them. It is not illegal for the press to share classified information once they have obtained it. It is illegal for them to actually steal it from the government. We find it particularly ironic that Wikileaks has been charged by this president’s administration, since it is unlikely he could have been elected without asking them for help over a hundred times. This seems like another part of a cover-up, to us.

6. Square Zero again. North Korea has overtly rejected all efforts by the Trump administration to establish a pathway to peace. Because of unilateral demands for North Korea to completely denuclearize, Kim Jong Un has turned away from the negotiating table. We at TCF predicted this very course of events. Beautiful Letters, or not, Kim Jong Un is scum. His people live in squalid conditions. They’re not properly fed, rarely have electricity, often are tortured, harassed, and murdered by their own government. Even if you took away their nuclear weapons, you would not eliminate the childish minds and paranoia that spawned the need for them.

7. Over 750 tornadoes, just in the month of May, have ravaged the plains. Massive destruction, multiple deaths, and the potential for more today, are beginning to look a lot like climate change.

See our to do list from yesterday and complete it. Our direction for today:

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Dave Cleinman
Director TCF

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