1. Confusing words from Donald Trump make the prospect of war with Iran a real possibility. After recent threats, Trump has now backed off and stated he doesn’t want war with Iran. What he wants is for Iran to call him. This is becoming more and more apparent as a ruse, so he can renegotiate the nuclear deal that he backed out of and call it his greatest deal ever. Meanwhile, forces that actually do want war with Iran are all around Donald Trump. This author  remains very very concerned that they will manipulate Donald Trump into firing a missile into Iran.

2. New abortion laws, several with severe punishments for victims, are generating massive protests by women and men across the United States. This  week there over 500 protests scheduled in all 50 states. In many parts of the world, Poland and Ireland just recently, mass protests have forced reversals or prevented implementation of similar bans.

3. Don McGahn, former White House counsel, has been told by the Trump administration not to obey the subpoena for this morning’s testimony before the House of Representatives judicial committee. At the close of business yesterday, Jerry Nadler, head of the committee, sent a letter to Don McGahn indicating that he will be held in contempt if he does not testify. In addition, the letter from the department of Justice that was given to McGahn to provide cover, did not even follow department of Justice established policy nor did it Echo current law on the books. While Trump is perpetually talking about a very good report for us, no collusion, no obstruction, total exoneration, the truth is virtually completely opposite. Now, Bill Barr is spinning this web of lies about how he’s doing his cover-up thing to protect the presidency, so the President does not become an errand boy for Congress. anyone who understands how this country works, should be livid at that statement. The president works for the people, because Congress represents the people. Which means you’re calling the president an errand boy for the people. And he absolutely is! If you are a judge in this country, if you are a congressperson, if you are President, or any staff  member in a position of power in the United States of America, you are ultimately responsible to the citizens of this country. All of you! Bill Barr is a liar, and should be impeached and removed from his duties as attorney general.

4. EPA changes methodology for calculation of pollution related deaths. this makes it easier for the Trump administration to roll back environmental protections, because the count now allows for a smaller of deaths by pollution. This appears to mean that if you died from pollution, your family has to actually prove it against stricter standards. This is both an effort to kowtow to Trump super rich donors, as well as attempting to turn back every bit of progress Barack Obama made on any front. This is on the back of unraveling numerous environmental protections over the last two-and-a-half years, almost all of which are widely protested. This is more proof that this President and his supporters do not care about the people as much as they should. Especially obvious because these policies are actually hurting millions of Trump supporters, just in the same way they hurt all of us.

5. As more and more evidence of crimes and cover-ups mounts, Democrats are still reluctant to follow even the basic path of impeachment hearings. Republicans, you might recall impeached Bill Clinton over lying about his sex life. This current president is lying about collusion with the Russians, of which there is massive evidence. 216 contacts between Trump campaign officials, Donald Trump himself, Donald Trump transition officials with Russian agents and entities from 2013, with Carter page (an investigation which predated the Trump campaign) throughout the election and which is still ongoing today. That is evidenced when Donald Trump talks with Vladimir Putin, with other than no American officials or media around. This author maintains that after 10,000 + lies to the American public, the man should be impeached just for that. Where does he get the right to lie to us every chance he gets? What kind of President would just lie to everyone in the country, including his own supporters? A corrupt one. Impeach him.

6. NBC news reports that more than 8,000 detainees over a five-year period, were kept in solitary confinement in United States detention centers. Immigrations and custom enforcement (ICE) officials state that it was done for safety reasons. Mentally Disturbed individuals, handicapped individuals, people who were at risk to themselves or others, apparently. However, individuals released from this type of detention report poor conditions, summary judgments which put people into this type of detention who did not need to be, and at times abuse and intolerable living conditions.

We are the United States of America. we can do so much better than this. Leadership needs to change in the immigration situation. We need to stop treating people like criminals, who do not have criminal records.

7. China and tariffs. China has openly stated they will not back down. Yet the Tariffs continue. Meanwhile, more and more farmers are going bankrupt, prices are increasing in the United States which consumers have to pay for on already limited income, and our relationships around the world are literally falling apart. China is replacing the trade with us by opening other markets in other countries. By spreading out markets and increasing the trade they do with others, they literally plan to stop trading with us as much as possible. In the wake of the chaos caused by the tariffs, Russia has agreed to sell soybeans to China, completely cutting off the US market. This is massive proof that we do not have a better relationship with Russia, Donald Trump’s words are empty and loaded with self-interest, and Russia’s end goal is still to undermine us and destroy us.

May your Tuesday be fantastic! Breathe deep and envision an end to hourly chaos!

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