1. Reminiscence of a failed North Korea strategy

After over a week of posturing, moving personnel and equipment, and aircraft carriers into the Persian Gulf, there’s no indication of whether or not we are going to war. However, in a sharp echo of the blatant threat to North Korea, Trump has now threatened Iran’s very existence.

“North Korea best not make any more threats to the United States. They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen.”

“If  Iran wants to fight, that will be the official end of Iran,” Trump said in a tweet. “Never threaten the United States again!”

Savvy readers will recognize a childish like approach to one of the most dangerous situations we could actually be in. Mike Pompeo has now stood up and lied to the American public. John Bolton has been wanting to destroy Iran since he could dream about it. Donald Trump is too easy to manipulate, for me to trust that he can successfully navigate this situation. Contact your Congress people, senators, anyone you can think of with any kind of authority and tell them not to let this administration drag us into a war!

2. Trump concentration camps. If images like this don’t move you, I can’t imagine what will. This is unprecedented cruelty in our history. Children are dying in our custody!

Trump’s Captives from above

Trump Tent City from Above

3. Mayor Pete attends Fox news Town Hall, does not squint once and gets standing ovation. Stating he doesn’t care about Trump tweets, and calling out some hosts on the network for blatantly racist and nasty comments about immigrants, Pete Buttigieg single-handedly showed the courage of ten Donald Trumps and demonstrated why Democrats need to follow his lead. If you want to get your message across, and know that the only place you’ll find some of your audience is on Fox news, you have to go to them. After his time with Chris Wallace in this amazing town hall, Mayor Pete acquitted himself with a standing ovation.

4. #legislatedrape – It sounds harsh, but it’s the best hashtag I could come up with that I think quickly and efficiently states exactly what is going on. Let’s call these laws what they are. #legislatedrape

What else do you call a law that releases rapists then locks up doctors? Or forces a rape victim to carry a baby to term, then share custody with the rapist? These laws are not  about life. No sane person would state that a rapist’s victim and their baby (which  was forced to be brought to term), should hang out with the abuser who did this to begin with! Quickly, you want a rapist to be a father? These people are the craziest people in the room. They should be in straight jackets, not in congress and not in statehouses.

5. Pfizer CEO got a huge boost in pay. He’s now making almost 30 million dollars a year. Like insatiable vampires, AT&T is taking advantage of the extra profits from the tax break that was taken from us, and are laying off 23,000 people in Michigan. We need to support politicians who will stop this trend – taking money from us and perpetually giving it to those who do not need it, may want it, but don’t deserve it. If I were in a position of power, I would fine AT&T for taking taxpayer money, and then dismissing even one of our fellow citizens.

6. With the rise of white supremacist terrorism in this country: attacks on black churches, mosques, synagogues, it’s important to educate yourselves on what is happening. Look up white supremacist plans, look up how they’re organized, try to see  trends around you. Teach your kids what to look for. It’s necessary, because they strike anywhere they are, and they’re just about everywhere now.

7. The Trump administration has now started Forest fires all over the globe. Unresolved conflict with North Korea. Inability to hold Russia accountable for their actions against this country, and more and more Republicans are following suit. Potential war with Iran. Trade war with China. We’ve alienated our allies under Trump’s leadership. Now we have threatened the most powerful country in the middle East bar none, with open warfare. Meanwhile at home… We are separating children from their families at the border to the tune of thousands. We have an attorney general who’s working for the president, instead of the country, deliberately trying to keep American citizens from knowing the truth about what Russia did against our  election systems, and how Donald Trump benefited. And he did benefit. No problems are being solved, coordinated  lies are flying out of the Republicans attacking Justin Amash. Yes, maybe he dislikes Donald Trump, but he votes with him most of the time anyway. You’re covering up a cover-up now. The American people deserve better and, come November, 2020 we’re going to demonstrate it. Not all of us are as comfortable as you are, Mark Meadows for example, with crimes and cover-ups. Before you talk about impeachment not being the right course, Mitt Romney, read the Mueller report. Stop all these lies to the American people. You’re going to bury yourself in them!

Best of times!

Dave Cleinman  – TCF

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