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Morning brief:  Friday 5/17/2019  Dave Cleinman

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Congratulations to the people of Taiwan who legalized same-sex marriage today.

1. Michael Flynn cooperation with Federal investigation yields details of obstruction of Justice efforts by Trump attorneys and unnamed officials in Congress. Snippets of released text, also show clear collusion. Remember, Mueller’s judgment was based on conspiracy, he did not use collusion because it is not in federal law. The report indicates massive collusion.

2. Trump reveals immigration plan with scant details. Focus to be on establishment of a merit based system. Meanwhile in the desert… Six new tent cities are being constructed to house an increasing influx of immigrants seeking asylum. Under US law these people are NOT illegal immigrants. They have the right to seek asylum. the Trump administration shut down virtually all of the normal points of access for asylum-seekers. Many are now turning themselves in to border agents directly.

A 4th child has now died in US custody. This time a boy toddler, who had been sick in hospital.

Readers may remember December of 2017. Democrats and Republicans worked together to write legislation which included billions for a border wall, fully funded the asylum system, and protected the Dreamers. Trump vetoed it because it provided those protections. This chaos is a result of such decisions.

3. Democrats talk of impeachment rises and falls. Mueller’s recent unredactions of Flynn cooperation testimony may speed up their decision process. Democratic house members continue to read the Mueller report on the House Floor. Several judges have received unredacted copies. Congress has subpoenaed Bill Barr for the full version and the underlying evidence. Republicans are spinning more untruths, stating this would force the Atty General to commit a crime. Democrats, as do I, expect the attorney general to seek a judge’s permission to release such information. So far, he has refused. Why?

4. Severe abortion bans are going into effect in multiple States, not all of them red. Legislatures in these states are saying that this is a direct challenge to roe versus Wade. Some of them are even more honest and say that this is an attempt to see what they can get away with, so repealing roe versus Wade seems less harsh. When a rapist has more rights than their victim, or a physician who performs an abortion, we can blatantly disregard any belief in Life or Justice. This is an attempt to implement social rape on women.  A rapist bends a woman to his will, hence rape is a crime of hate, not sex. These laws attempt to do the exact same thing. Bind a woman’s will to a law. They do nothing to protect children, unborn children, raped children, or the children of rapists. They also give rapists rewards they do not desire, such as custody, visitation privileges, and brief consequences for one of the most horrendous crimes that can be committed against another person. The instant upshot: raped children cannot have abortions, but their rapists can have visitation.

In reviewing the nature of these bills, it’s clear they’re not about pushing a pro-life agenda. It’s about expressing personal psychosis. If that seems harsh, who would release a rapist, to fill their jail cell with a doctor? Who would endorse a rapist getting to hang out with their victim? Who would allow any child to be raised by a rapist? As long as I’ve been in psychology and social activism, we’ve been trying to empower women to get away from their abusers. These laws mandate that these women must spend time with them! This is the epitome of cruel and unusual punishment for a woman, or girl, who’s already been horribly victimized. This is also the zenith of psychotic thinking and it must be considered and treated as such.

5. Increasing woes for Boeing, as Ethiopia bans the Max 8 and claims that they were not properly told about the issues with the planes. Boeing is being sued by multiple entities.

6. Trump administration bailout to Midwest farmers has unintended side effect.  Because of damage done by the taxes to the farming economy, losses are being offset with billions of taxpayer dollars. In this case, 62 million dollars is slated to go to a pair of Brazilian brothers, who have been legally charged and convicted of corruption, and violating several international trade acts. They’ve both been to prison for same.

7. Fox news poll shows Biden leading among Democrats by wide margin.

It also shows Trump losing by double-digits, to anyone else.

Trump: 38  Someone else: 54

8. Trump falling in polls correlates with loss of revenue as reported at his properties. Managers and spokespeople for the properties indicate the Trump brand is tarnished, largely because of the words and actions of the president himself. Eric Trump, when asked, rejected that notion offering several excuses. However, under examination, his story simply does not hold up. Guests are literally complaining.

In closing this morning, Please support the women in your life by helping them get to State houses and express their displeasure with these draconian, misogynistic, sexist laws. Stay with them every place they go, every chance you get. Bring ten friends, if possible more.

This author maintains that if Donald Trump is innocent of all these charges against him, the Mueller report would have been released and we would know the truth.

Have a fine Friday. Hopefully it will not end in war with Iran!



Yuri · May 18, 2019 at 12:38 am

Your country should give Iran more bags of American money and ask them to be nice to you! No need for worry if you pay! Poka!

    DaveCleinman · May 20, 2019 at 2:34 pm

    I’ll pass that on to the Commander in Chief. You don’t think his threats will work?

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