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Our Mission is to bring people together and work en masse for a positive future for everything.

We at TCF think that most everyone we know agrees there is a great deal of unnatural chaos spreading across our world. We see far-right nationalism rising in the United States and elsewhere. We’re witnessing attacks on common citizens by all sorts of different interest groups. Some rhetorical, many deadly. Blatant corruption plagues governments of all levels in numerous countries across the globe.

Natural disasters are increasing in scope and scale, a direct result of an ever faster changing climate.

Capital, in terms of money, should not be hoarded to such a degree that children starve, workers pay taxes but bosses and corporations do not. Currently it is often employed as a control device on citizens.

Racism and all anti-humanistic sentiments must be let go. We need to stop hating and killing each other. This is generally done with little justification, and even less thought.

We cannot continue to lie or accept lies as truth. We are at least good enough to manage this. They who lie to you, steal something from you each and every time.

These human failings are particularly unfortunate, because we have more human genius than our behavior suggests. Human beings must learn to leave their prejudices in the past. We at TCF have one major goal, and the myriad minor goals which support it.

We believe, because we largely control our own destiny, our entire planet requires us to make:

A Forward Leap in Human Evolution.

TCF Code of Ethics